Mean tweets, MySpace and a Wendy's Frosty debacle: Your digital week in review

CINCINNATI - What do the NBA Finals and the Wendy's Frosty have in common? They're both making headlines in this week's digital week in review.

What the Tweet?!

This had me ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) all Monday.

If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve connected with a celebrity. And you’ve either seen someone send a pretty nasty tweet his or her way, or you've done yourself it in a moment of frustration.

NBA players aren’t immune to criticism, so to celebrate the NBA Finals and have a little fun with some of the league's biggest names, ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel produced a special edition of his “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment.

Vine vs. Instagram

It’s the newcomer in the social media game, but Vine is already making it’s mark. Just five short months after its release, the six-second video sharing app is already proving to be more dominant on Twitter than it’s photo-sharing counterpart, Instagram. Analysis reveals that Vine has garnered about 2.86 million shares, while Instagram has gotten about 2.17 million shares.

If you haven't gotten in on the Vine action yet, it's free to download.

Is video killing the photo star? Which app do prefer?

Mama, I’m coming home: Hillary Clinton joins her family on Twitter

Chelsea Clinton led the way. Then, with some help (or pressure) from Stephen Colbert, Bill Clinton got Tweeting. Now, Hillary is joining the family. On Monday, BuzzFeed broke the news that Hillary was on Twitter as a verified account, @HillaryClinton. Her first Tweet? “Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 & @Sllambe - I'll take it from here... #tweetsfromhillary”

In case you don’t understand the “inspiration” reference, Hillary was referring to the champions of the wildly popular Tumblr account “Texts from Hillary.”

Former President Bill Clinton immediately supported his wife, Tweeting: “Does @Twitter have a family share plan? Great to be here with @HillaryClinton & @ChelseaClinton. Looking forward to #tweetsfromhillary.”

He’s bringing MySpace back

On Wednesday, Justin Timberlake (@JTimberlake) introduced a fresh, new MySpace. Remember the social media site that started waning in popularity as Facebook rose to the forefront? In recent years, you didn’t admit that you had a MySpace account if you wanted to appear socially savvy; but Timberlake, who invested in the company, wanted to turn that around. He, along with two business partners, gave the site a new musical focus, connecting fans with the artists. Throw in a streaming radio service and an iPhone app, and MySpace just could make that comeback we’ve been talking about for years now!

Hashtags anyone?

For all those folks who've been ridiculed for using hashtags on Facebook, it's a new day. The leading social media platform started rolling out hashtags to some users this week, meaning Facebook users can add the # symbol in posts and actually utilize them to find and take part in conversations, as millions already do on Twitter and Instagram.

Viral Pic of the Week

Ugh. Another week, another fast food fail. This week’s viral photo that will make you give that drive-thru a hard pass comes to us from Wendy’s and an employee who compromises the integrity (and cleanliness) of the beloved Frosty machine.

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