Matthew 25 Ministries travels to Haiti to help survivors

BLUE ASH, Ohio - More help is on it's way to Haiti, thanks to the generosity of donors right here in the Tri-State. Matthew 25 Ministries will deliver those items and medical aid to the survivors of the devastating earthquake.

It's been more than a year since the earthquake in Haiti, but the survivors are still suffering. Seventeen people including members of Matthew 25 Ministries, local doctors, nurses and a Cintas worker are taking much needed supplies to those survivors.

Heather Maley, is one of the volunteers headed to Haiti. She normally works as the Communication Manager at Cintas, but this Friday, she's answering the call of duty.

"This invitation came about a few months ago, and I thought that it was going to be an extraordinary opportunity for our employee partners to see first hand the fruits of their labor," said Maley.

Cintas is one of Matthew 25 Ministries primary partners.

Every year the company sponsors a campaign drive called Clothe the Kids.

Friday, a team of volunteers including Maley will take those clothes and other items such as toiletries and first aid supplies over to Haiti.

"It was horrible, before the earthquake," said Tim Mattey, Matthew 25 Ministries Disaster Relief Coordinator. "So that gives you just a sense of how horrible it was after the earthquake, there was no net to catch them, that we often have here in the United States so more less when they lost everything, they had to start from scratch."

The group also includes medical teams to help give aid and work with orphanages that have already been set up by Matthew 25 Ministries.

"In addition to that the medical team that's joining us on this trip will be using Cintas provided hand sanitizer, latex gloves, asprin, bandages, everything that comes out of the first aid safety cabinets that we provide our customers," said Maley.

She adds, this work is just a small step to help the serious problems that the country still faces.

Matthew 25 Ministries accepts monetary donations or supplies to help with any of their relief efforts across the world. You can help by simply dropping off a donation to their warehouse at 11060 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash.

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