Mason teachers union says SB5 will erode public education

MASON, Ohio - Teachers and firefighters are joining together to protest Senate Bill 5.

The controversial bill would end collective bargaining for unions in the state of Ohio.

The vice-president of the Mason Education Association,Shawna Bender , says collective bargaining agreements allow teachers to focus on their number one job, which is teaching in the classroom.

"It really does take time away from a teacher. If a teacher were to have to do a lot of the things that a union does for the teacher. If you are a teacher in the classroom, you don't want to have to try and go and negotiate different things and talk to your employer about every little aspect of a contract and that's what the union does for these teachers. It keeps the teachers in the classroom and does what they do best, which is teaching the kids," said Bender.

Nelson said before collective bargaining became law in the 1980s, teachers and school districts were often unable to settle disagreements in a positive way and there were more teacher strikes.

She says collective bargaining set a system in place that protected the teachers, students and school districts interest.

Nelson says members of the teachers, fire and police unions are planning a corner rally at the intersection of Mason-Montgomery and Tylersville Roads.


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