Mason teacher resigns after sexual allegations

The woman alleged with having inappropriate sexual conduct withher students is no longer an employee at Mason High School.

Mason school officials had begun the process to terminate StacyShuler before receiving her resignation Tuesday. The school boardunanimously accepted that resignation at its board meeting Tuesdaynight.

The physical and health education teacher is facing 16 counts ofsexual battery, involving five of her male students, and threeadditional counts of giving alcohol to minors.

She had been held at the Warren County jail on a $50,000 bondprior to being released on her own recognizance Tuesday.

Warren County Judge Robert Peeler ordered the 32 year-oldteacher to wear an electronic monitoring device in addition toinstalling an 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. She is also prohibited fromhaving any contact with a minor excluding family.

School officials put Shuler on paid administrative leave January18 after receiving a tip concerning a teacher allegedly havinginappropriate sexual contact with students.

Some residents say school leaders should be held responsible andare asking for superintendent, Kevin Bright, to step down.

"I'm frankly appalled by the behavior of the administration andthe administrators," said Mason resident, Mike Homen.

"It's disappointing that the actions of a few people have causedpeople to ask me to resign from my position," explained Bright. "Iregret that people feel that way. We took swift and decisive actionas soon as we were told of possible misconduct."

Bright says he posted the school's anonymous, 24-7 SafeSchools Lifeline over a decade ago to help prevent potentialcrises like this.

"With 1400 employees and 11,000 students, we're not immune tosome of the terrible things that happen outside of school,"explained Bright.