Man injured on roller coaster ride re-files lawsuit against Kings Island

LEBANON, Ohio - A wild ride at Kings Island nearly five years ago is resultingin a lawsuit going to trial on Monday in a Warren County courtroom.The lawsuit was filed by one of the passengers on the Son of Beastroller coaster ride in July 2006 that injured 27 people.

Jonathon Yanik suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery.He initially filed the lawsuit in 2006, but had it dismissed whilehe recovered from the medical procedures. He has re-filed the suitand is asking for close to $1 million in damages for hisinjuries.

The wooden coaster featured a one-of-a-kind loop on the ride. Onthat day in 2006, investigators say a faulty support on the ridewas to blame for a major jolt riders felt. Many suffered neck, heador shoulder injuries. The majority of the lawsuits filed settledout of court, but the case of Yanik is going to trial.

The now 21-year-old is asking for $500,000 in compensatorydamages and more than $350,000 in punitive damages. 

An engineer is on the witness list to testify for the lawsuittrial. The forensic engineer is expected to testify that KingsIsland was negligent and put passengers at risk by allowing them toride the roller coaster.

The trial begins on Monday morning and is expected to last threedays.

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