Local pet hoarder profiled on national cable show

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - The OhioSPCA came to a local woman's home to relieve her ofanimals.

"Our team of 15 volunteers were exhausted after what ended upbeing an 18 hour day in frigid weather conditions," explains aposting on the Ohio SPCA website. "In our possession are dogs,cats, pygmy goats, and one pony. It was an emotional day for many,as it was hard for this family to cooperate to any degree."

Photographer: Anthony Mirones

The AnimalPlanet show was notified of a Middletown woman's need to have alot of animals by one of her family members.

According to Meg Stephenson, Director of Animal Friends Humane Societyin Hamilton, Ohio, pet hoarding isnot new, and these types of shows shine a light on a secret thathoarders are embarrassed to have revealed.

"I do feel like these shows are a benefit to not only the peoplewho are involved in it, but to the community," explainedStephenson. "They give awareness as to what problems can be goingon and they also educate the public how to deal with theseissues."

The cable show is scheduled to air Friday evening on AnimalPlanet.

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