Woman killed in Moscow storm

MOSCOW, Ohio - Carol Forste of Moscow died in Friday's storms. Dozens of first responders cut through and removed debris to try to find her.

Neighbors stood nearby holding their breath as they hoped she would be found alive. Heavy equipment was brought in to move the debris.

Forste's dog was found alive, but with all four legs broken. The dog will be put down.

The ground is littered with trees, the remains of houses and insulation that blew around like confetti. 

Emergency crews had to squeeze their trucks past civilians who were driving up Highway 52 in an effort to find loved ones.

A possible tornado appeared to cut a swath east on 52 knocking over power lines and shearing trees in half.  In Moscow it tore houses from their foundations and in one case blew the upper half of a brick home away from the lower half.

Katie McDonough described how her family hid in a closet to avoid the storm. "We shut the door and within a matter of seconds the whole building was shaking.  Within a few more seconds the windows were all blown in with wind gusting through the house it was just really, really insane," she said.

Police have the eastbound lanes of Highway 52 blocked off at Point Pleasant. A staging area for emergency crews and other vehicles has been established in the parking lot of Moscow's power plant.

The Red Cross has arrived at New Richmond High School and is ready to take in anyone in the area who needs shelter.

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