Connecting with you: The 9 On Your Side and community team seeks ideas and input

CINCINNATI - What does community mean in the digital age? It means many of the traditional things: A shared place or space, a neighborhood, a town, or people who connect around shared interests and ideas. 

Today social media provide us with an extension of our collective existence "IRL" (In Real Life, according to web parlance). If you are reading this, chances are you participate to some degree in at least one social network.

For journalists, social media provides unprecedented ways to connect with communities. The old top-down style of reporting the news has morphed into more of a two-way street. We seek user-generated content (UGC; for example, photos and video) to help us gain and then deliver a clearer picture of the world. Reporters use Facebook and LinkedIn to find sources and share headlines. Here at 9 On Your Side and WCPO Digital we use Twitter to report breaking news.

It's easy to think of social media as something that happens somewhere in cyberspace, a place apart from real life. But, there's a growing a recognition that these networks are part and parcel of society. In short, the word community represents all the places and spaces where people connect, whether online or IRL.

Recognizing this, 9 On Your Side and WCPO Digital have built a community team. 

Jenny Bak and Libby Cunningham are community managers. Jenny writes about people, issues, and events through the lens of social media and digital trends. Libby covers news about neighborhoods, people, and the way we live today. They both are interested in how issues, events and lives intersect in a modern age.

In addition, Jenny and Libby play an important role in curating conversation in the 9 On Your Side and social networks.

Let's have a conversation!

How to connect with 9 On Your Side and WCPO Digital:

How to connect with the community team:

We'll be using the hashtag #9community when we want to connect about events, issues, and people in communities around the Tri-State. You can use it, too!



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