UC students prepare for switch to semesters

University moving from quarter system

CINCINNATI - When University of Cincinnati students return to school in the fall of 2012, they will be attending classes under the new semester system.

The university announced the change from quarters to semesters in 2008. It joins several other Ohio universities in making the change to the more traditional semester system. UC operated under the quarter system since 1964.

The semesters will be broken into a Fall, Spring and Summer session at 14 weeks each. Under the quarter system, students had four 10-week instructional periods.

Officials said the reaction from students is mixed.

Some students like the fact they will be on the same schedule as many of their peers at other universities.

For co-op students, however, the transition is more difficult because instead of being able to evenly divide studies with work they will be either spending two semesters in class and one working or one semester in class and two working.

UC has answers to several frequently asked questions about the switch on its website.


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