Trial of Antrone Smith, man accused of killing infant son, begins

The trial of a man accused of beating his infant son to death in 2011 began Wednesday morning.

Antrone Smith is in trial facing the death penalty for the abuse death of his then 2-year-old son, DeMarcus Jackson, just 9 weeks after DeMarcus was returned to Antrone and the toddler's mother from foster care.

In opening statements defense attorney's for Antrone Smith explained how the defendant  had weekly visits with his son when the child was in foster care and that Antrone did not purposefully kill him. Defense attorney's had earlier tried to have what they said were "gruesome" images of DeMarcus removed from evidence to be presented to the jury.

Defense also said injuries found on Demarcus were non-lethal.

Prosecutors on the other hand opened their case citing an autopsy report as clear support that Demarcus' death was the result of abuse. They described multiple wounds found on Demarcus that were not present when Demarcus he was in foster care.

Demarcus' foster mother, Latisah Harris was the first witness called to testify in the trial.

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