Trial hinging on dying man's blinks opens

CINCINNATI - A prosecutor says a dying, paralyzed Cincinnati man who couldn't speak intentionally blinked his eyes to identify a photo of his attacker for authorities.

The prosecution and defense outlined their cases Wednesday to open the murder trial of 35-year-old Ricardo Woods.

The defense contends Woods didn't shoot 35-year-old David Chandler in October 2010 and says Chandler's blinks were inconsistent and unreliable because of his condition.

After the shooting, Chandler communicated only with his eyes until he died about two weeks later.

Prosecutors plan to present a videotaped police interview that they say shows Chandler blinking to identify a photo of Woods. They say Woods shot Chandler because Chandler owed him money for drugs.

The defense says Chandler had stolen from numerous drug dealers who were not investigated by police.

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