Families around Tri-State enjoy winter weather

At Ault Park on Saturday, you could hear the scream of children sled riding from far away.

For Izzy Dancer of Hyde Park, sledding is more than just fun. It's also a challenge.

"We've been trying to go down the stairs and get some good air on stuff," Dancer said.

She along with her two friends, Maya and Molly, spent Saturday afternoon speeding down a snow-covered hill. They weren't afraid to brave the elements.

"The wind is going against us too which is not that great, especially when you're in the front and the wind is slapping you in the face," Maya Newman of Hyde Park said.

Sled riding wasn't the only winter fun to be had during the day.

"We did a snowball fight, Buddy the elf style," Dancer said.

Nighttime didn't stop children from building a snowman at Rapid Run Park. The children's father, Bart Banzhaf, said it is the best time of day to play in the snow.

"Not as many people," Banzhaf said. "We had everyone running into each other earlier.

Banzhaf's seven children, plus his nephew, couldn't stop rolling around in the snow. Banzhaf said he makes sure he keeps a watchful eye so they don't get hurt.

"A friend of mine, I don't know where he was at, but he went too fast and ended up in a creek earlier," he said. "Over here is a duck pond and we stayed away from there."

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