Thousands of Tri-State trees are being destroyed by an agressive beetle

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio - Chinese beetles hit the Tri-state and are killing thousands oftrees in the Hamilton County Park District.

The Emerald Ash Borer, also know as EAB, is an aggressive beetlewhose preferred host is native ash trees. The greenishmetallic-colored beetle arrived in the Tri-State several years agoand has since begun destroying ash trees.

Ash trees in Armleder Park, Sharon Woods Woodland Mound, WithrowNature Preserve, Little Miami Golf Center, and the Avoca Trailheadand along the Little Miami Scenic Trail are among affectedareas.

The Park District’s staff is dealing with this challengeby removing and replacing damaged Ash trees and approximately 350specimen ash trees across the Park District were treated withinsecticide.

This winter, the Park District will begin removing ash treesalong certain park roadways, picnic areas and the golf courses atSharon Woods and Woodland Mound where dying ash trees could pose asafety concern.

By removing the trees before they become infested, the wood canstill be sold for lumber and will not be a total loss. By removingtrees now, the Park District staff believes it can preventpotential safety hazards caused by dying ash trees.

For more information about Emerald Ash Borer, including maps andhelpful links, as well as the Hamilton County Park District’smanagement plan, please visit

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