This month marks anniversary of 1937 Southern Ohio Floods

Cincinnati - It will be 74 years since the greatest flood in Southern Ohiohistory.

The last two weeks of January in 1937 set the record for OhioRiver crests and made that month the wettest month ever recorded inOhio.

The 1937 flood started with almost one foot of rain in one weekand in Portsmouth, the river water rose over the flood stage.

Those flood waters drove more than 100,000 local people fromtheir homes and left nearly everyone looking for a place to stay.

It was unlike anything this region had seen before. Riverwaters in Cincinnati hit a record level of 79.9 feet. The MillCreek caught fire and it was the worst flood in Cincinnati history.

Seven decades ago there were very few flood controlreservoirs and levees in place which caused the extensivedamage.

Now even if the exact same flooding conditions occured, damageshould be less severe because billions of dollars have beenspent on flood control along the entire length of theriver.

However, experts say the odds of a flood of that measure tohappen again are slim, but nevertheless officials are wellprepared.

Stay with 9 News and for stories throughout the weekremembering the 1937 floods and how many families and businesseswere affected.

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