Deters names 'Delhi rapist' suspect, calls him a 'piece of human garbage'

DELHI TWP, Ohio - Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters described Tony Pippin, the man authorities say is the "Delhi rapist," as a "piece of human garbage" during a Monday press conference.

"This is a despicable human being and he needs to go away forever. And I think he's going to," said Deters.

Deters described a months-long investigation that involved putting undercover police officers in bars, acquiring warrants to track Pippin's car via GPS, and a few breaks in the case, including the suspect turning over his own DNA in an attempt to be a Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit informant.

"Believe it or not we were able to get some DNA from the first victim not a lot but a very small amount and in October this individual being the smart guy he is," Deters said facetiously, "contacted RENU because he wanted to be a confidential informant for RENU."

Deters surmised that Pippin was trying to ingratiate himself with police but didn't realize how far along the investigation into him actually was.

"Remember RENU has been tailing this guy for awhile and they were kind of taken aback and called our office and said what should we do? We told RENU, 'tell him if he wants to be a [confidential informant] he's got to give a DNA sample.' So he came in voluntarily and gave a DNA sample," said Deters.

Deters said that DNA sample, along with DNA from the rape case stemming from the Knotty Pine in April 2012 became a key part of their investigation.

Pippin was originally arrested in December for the assault of a woman by the Colerain Police Department. The altercation was the result of Pippin being accused of being the Delhi rapist, according to Deters.

"They were right," Deters added.

The arrest would lead to other charges. Police got a warrant to search Pippin's cellphone. On that phone, Pippin is alleged to have recorded himself performing sex acts on a semi-conscious teenaged girl.

"This is a 15 year-old girl that he engaged in sexual acts with and videotaped on his phone. She has been identified. We believe it is likely she was drugged," Deters said.

This all started last year when Delhi police said upon investigating a rape that occurred in Delhi Township on Sept. 1, 2012, they found similarities between that assault and another attempted sexual assault that occurred in Delhi Township in April of 2012.

Police say the victims of each of the assaults both spent some part of their evening at the Knotty Pine bar, located at 6947 Cheviot Road in White Oak.

The victim in the Sept. 1 assault stopped at a gas station after leaving the bar and the victim in the April attack was at the bar, left, went to a drug store, and then returned to the bar before going home, according to police.

Police said the Sept. 1, 2012 sexual assault occurred on Hickorylake Drive just after 3 a.m.

Investigators said the victim had just arrived home and was on her back deck when the assailant attempted to rob the woman at gunpoint.

The suspect raped the victim while they were outside the residence and then forced the victim to walk toward the woods behind the residence while he fled the scene, according to police.

The first assault occurred on Foley Road around the same time in the early morning of April 1, around 3:30 a.m.

The suspect in both cases had striking similarities, which led police to believe it could be the same person.

Deters added that Pippin's behavior was escalating and that there may be other victims in the community.

"I just have a feeling this is not the only times he's done something like this. I can't convict on a feeling, I just hope someone would call," Deters said, asking again any other victims come forward.

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