Study: Cincinnati ranks among most literate cities

CINCINNATI - People of Cincinnati, have you read anything interesting recently? Information from a new survey suggests you most likely have.

The Queen City ranks 12th overall among "America's Most Literate Cities," according to a study conducted by researchers at Central Connecticut State University and the university's Center for Public Policy & Social Research.

The study ranks cities with populations of at least 250,000 in the United States based on six indicators of literacy: number of bookstores, educational attainment, Internet resources, library resources, periodical publishing resources and newspaper circulation. There are 76 cities on this year's list.

Washington, D.C., is ranked the most literate city for the third year in a row. Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Denver are ranked second through fifth on the list.

Cincinnati is the top-ranked city in the Tri-State. It is also the most literate city in the state of Ohio, according to the study.

The city ranks seventh in terms of booksellers, tied for seventh in library resources, tied for 10th in periodical publish resources and 16th in newspaper circulation.

Cincinnati ranked surprisingly low in terms of education and Internet resources, coming in at No. 41 on both lists.

While a top-12 position on the list is respectable, Cincinnati's current position on the list is the lowest it's been ranked in the history of the study, which dates back to 2005. The Queen City came in at No. 7 in 2011. It was 11th in 2010, ninth in 2009, tied for 10th in 2008, 11th in 2007, seventh in 2006 and tied for ninth in 2005.

Cleveland is the next city of local interest on the list at No. 14. Part of its ranking is because of it being ranked No. 1 in public library resources, which includes holdings, circulation and staff.

The greater Lexington area ranks 24th overall but is the top-ranked city in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio in terms of level of education (19th).

Columbus (25), Indianapolis (37), Toledo (44) and the greater Louisville area (49) are also on the list.

A complete breakdown of the list and rankings from 2005-2012 can be accessed here or by going to

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