Stop sticks in use despite death of officer

CINCINNATI - Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones says he needs to review his departments policy on the use of stop sticks. Jones' deputies stopped using them as of Tuesday.

The decision was made after Sgt. Brian Dulle was killed early tuesday morning while laying a spike strip to try to stop a suspect in Warren County.

Lt. Mike Sanders, from the Ohio Highway Patrol, says all of the vehicles in his agency are equipped with stop sticks.

"You do have a level of danger with them, mainly because you have to be in close proximity to the traffic lane to get the sticks deployed," Sanders said.

Laying stop sticks has turned tragic for several Tri-State officers.

Cincinnati police officer Bryce Bezdek was critically injured while laying a stop stick in 2007. Lockland police officer Brandon Gehring was also seriously injured while deploying a stop stick in 2009.




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