Ryan Widmer attorney compares trial to Casey Anthony

CINCINNATI - Casey Anthony will be released from prison on July 13. The attention given to her case may remind Tri-State area residents of another high profile case; the conviction of Ryan Widmer.

The jury in Casey Anthony's trial was given limited access to friends and family to discuss the trial and had no access to media reports.

9 News spoke with Widmer's attorney Michele Berry who compared the two cases and said that the outcome in Widmer's case would have been different if jurors in Widmer's trial were also sequestered like in Anthony's trial.

"The jurors in the Casey Anthony trial I think understood and abided by the burden of proof, that was my first reaction," Berry said.

Michele Berry is representing Widmer in his appeals process. Widmer was convicted of killing his wife Sarah in their Hamilton Township home in 2008. The case garnered much attention like Anthony's case.

"When you have a high profile case as both of these are they can often take on a life of their own in the court of public opinion, through the media and social networking."

Berry said there is suspicion that some of the jurors in the Widmer case were exposed to prohibited YouTube videos, read about the case online, and were watching media accounts on television.

"That's not evidence, the jurors are supposed to only look at the evidence that is in the court room, presented by the witnesses, under oath in court, and not take in to account outside information."

As for Ryan Widmer's appeal in his murder conviction Berry said they are still waiting on the full transcript, all the paperwork from the three trials, so they can review it to prepare their appeal.

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