Rumpke makes recycling easier, now accepting plastic lids

CINCINNATI - Rumpke now accepts plastic bottle lids in its residential and commercial recycling programs.

"Rumpke continues to invest heavily in our recycling programs to actively grow this line of business," said Jeff Rumpke, vice president. "As Rumpke continues to enhance our recycling systems, manufactures are complimenting our efforts with new ways to recycle more materials, like plastic lids."

To ensure your plastic lids are recycled, follow these steps:

1. Empty the bottle. Bottles still containing liquid will not be recycled.
2. If possible, crush the bottle. Crushing the bottle helps remove any air from the container, which serves as a safety precaution when the bottles are baled and also helps bottles travel through the recycling process more efficiently.
3. Screw the lid back on the bottle. Detached lids may not be recovered.

Manufacturers that purchase plastic bottles from Rumpke have developed methods to remove the lids from the containers and work with fellow manufacturers to convert the lids into new items such as plastic paint containers.

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