RNC Chair stops by the Tri-State

CINCINNATI - As election day approaches, the Republican National CommitteeChairman visited the Tri-State on Monday to help energize hisparty's base.

Michael Steele made a stop in Kenwood as part of the RNC's 'FirePelosi' bus tour. During the visit, the Chairman spoke to anestimated 100 local volunteers about how vital they are for a GOPvictory in November.

"The polls are looking very good for us here, and I just wanteverybody to realize just how much of a difference you've made inmaking that happen," said Steele. "But I also want to keep thatenergy going, and I don't want you to get comfortable because ourpolls are strong. We want to work hard here."

State House candidates Mike Wilson and Ron Magg were also inattendance.

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