Raleigh helps hurricane relief efforts on "Let's Ask America"

Meteorologist also appears on "The List"

CINCINNATI - WCPO's own Steve Raleigh, chief meteorologist, will appear on two TV shows Thursday besides his usual newscast duties.

Raleigh will be one of the contestants on "Let's Ask America," the new quiz show that airs at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 9.

Raleigh is one of four meteorologists from across the nation who will compete for money that will go to the American Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Just before Raleigh tries his luck on the quiz show, correspondent Jenell Walton will interview the local weatherman about his experience on "The List."

The show airs at 7 p.m. on Channel 9.

Here are the eight questions that Raleigh will try to answer on Thursday night's show. Click on the next page to see what the questions are and play along.

Round 1, Question 1: What did women in Alaska say they wish was just a little bit hotter?

A.) Weather

B.) Husband

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Round 1, Question 2: What did Americans say best describes their feelings about playing the lottery?

A.) I have no chance of winning

B.) It could be me

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Round 1, Question 3: Parents said it's worse for their kids to be unprotected from the elements on which type of day?

A.) Sunny

B.) Rainy

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Round 2, Question 1: What did non-drinking men say is the best part about partying alcohol-free?

A.) Can drive home

B.) No hangover

C.) Remembering her name

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Round 2, Question 2: What did people in Boston say is their favorite type of New England weather?

A.) White Christmas

B.) Crisp autumn morning

C.) Sunny weekend in May

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Round 2, Question 3: What did housewives say would be the hardest part about being one of "The Real Housewives?"

A.) Constant cheating

B.) Epic break-ups

C.) Backstabbing friends

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Round 3, Question 1: What percent of the time did people in Seattle say their local meteorologist gets the forecast right?

A.) Thirty

B.) Fifty

C.) Seventy

D.) Ninety

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Round 3, Question 2: Who did college kids say they're more likely to follow on Twitter?

A.) Lady Gaga

B.) Ashton Kutcher

C.) Rihanna

D.) Barack Obama

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Round 4, Final Question: Which city did news junkies say could rerun the same weather forecast everyday and no one would notice?

A.) Phoenix

B.) Honolulu

C.) Houston

D.) Los Angeles

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