Purcell Marian admin dismissed by archdiocese after voicing gay marriage support disappointed

CINCINNATI - Former Purcell Marian High School assistant principal Michael Moroski is sad, but not surprised to no longer work for the Catholic school.

"The best word I have is disappointed and disappointment born out of my lack of surprise," Moroski said on Monday, the day the Archdiocese of Cincinnati released him from his job because of comments he made on his website, michaelmoroski.com.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati confirms it terminated employment of Moroski after he expressed his support for gay marriage.

Moroski's dismissal stems from his stated support that "gay people SHOULD be allowed to marry" in a post dated Jan. 27. Moroski said the post was born out of a respectful discussion between a friend who does not share his view.

Moroski said it was the following quote from President Barack Obama's inaugural address that started the conversation: "For if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well."

Moroski told 9 On Your Side he posted the quote on his Facebook page, which led to his blog post titled "Choose your battles."

In the post, Moroski talks about accepting diversity, saying "gay marriage is not something of which to be afraid."

"I'm not trying to take on the teaching of Rome," he said.

Moroski added his post was "very much a ‘because of my faith situation' not in spite of it."

On Feb. 4, after his post was reported to the archdiocese by an employee, Moroski was told he either remove the post and sign a form recanting his belief or resign, Moroski said.

Moroski decided to do neither, which led to his administrative leave with pending termination last week.

"If I take that post down I would not be able to look at the thousands of former students and families with whom I have worked for twelve years in the eye," Moroski wrote on his site.

On Sunday night, Moroski authored a new blog post dedicated to the current situation, thanking his supporters for helping him in "this ambiguous, but beautiful time."

"It's been good to be surrounded by family, but it's been sad," Moroski said.

Moroski hoped his actions prompted thought and discussion.

Moroski has held the position of dean of student life at Purcell Marian since 2011. He started his career in education in 2001 at Moeller High School, according to his website.

Moroski also has political aspirations. At his website he states that he plans to run for Cincinnati City Council in 2017.

"It may sound counterintuitive, but my wife and I's faith has grown exponentially," Moroski said of his experience over the past week.

Some students at Purcell Marian held a protest at the Archdiocese downtown on Moroski's behalf Monday night.

"We want them to know that this isn't fair and we want them to hear our voices because we're the ones who he's with every day," said student Tara Mays.

Moroski questions why his comments got him fired when he says other employees of the archdiocese are not reprimanded for public comments on other issues that go against the teachings of the church.

"What about the thousands of educators who work for archdiocese all over the country, or Catholic hospitals, or Catholic institutions all over the country that publicly support war, and publicly support the death penalty, both of which are direct contradiction to the teachings from Rome, and they have never once, there is not a case that I know of that they were fired," said Moroski.

The Archdiocese communication director Dan Andriacco stated that since the situation at the school was a personnel matter neither he nor the Diocese could comment on it, other than to confirm termination of employment.

WCPO Digital reporter Lucy May and 9 On Your Side reporter Bryce Anslinger contributed to this report.

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