Pucker up! Celebrate International Kissing Day with the top 9 on-screen kisses & 1 romantic playlist

CINCINNATI - Pucker up and prepare those lips: July 6 is International Kissing Day.

For every bad kiss you've had, it's safe to assume you've had a great one. You know the kind I'm talking about – the head-spinning, foot-popping, firework-seeing kiss that stands as its own moment in time.

Hollywood is pretty good at recreating those, leaving moviegoers weak in the knees.

In celebration of International Kissing Day, I'm counting down my top 9 favorite on-screen kisses of all time. Pucker up, and here we go:

9.) Irish kiss ( P.S. I Love You) - The single biggest factor in my recent desire to buy a plane ticket and fly across the pond (with a single Prince Harry coming in close second).

8.) "Moon River" kiss ( Breakfast at Tiffany's) - I wouldn't complain if someone kissed me in the pouring rain with Henry Mancini's classic playing in the background.

7.) Better than the Top 5 kisses ( The Princess Bride) - I don't know anyone who dislikes this classic flick, and it's pretty telling when Fred Savage's character even stomachs the kissing scene.

6.) The Upside Down kiss ( Spiderman) - There's a reason this scene has been recreated in various forms of media over and over again. I also wouldn't complain if I had to kiss a superhero this way.

5.) "You Had Me At Hello" ( Jerry Maguire) - I not-so-secretly want to get into a fight with someone so we can re-enact this scene. In addition to being in my top 5 favorite on-screen kisses, it has inspired songs and spin-offs galore. Swoon.

4.) "I Know" ( Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) - A huge Star Wars fan, I am. Here's a classic movie kiss that continues to inspire fans because it characteristically sums up this intergalactic relationship. Also, the next time someone says "I love you," I'm going to pull a Han Solo move.

3.) Bow Kiss ( Titanic) - I don't want to live in a world where people aren't moved by this kiss. C'mon people, it's Kate and Leo!

2.) "Why Didn't You Write Me?" ( The Notebook) - It's potentially every girl's favorite movie, and this scene, though less than 10 years old, is already iconic. This kiss and this love story are hard to compete with.

1.) New Year's Eve Kiss ( When Harry Met Sally) - Who doesn't want someone to feel about them like Harry feels about Sally at this moment? "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." Perfection. Take notes, people.

Honorable mention:

Ross and Rachel's First Kiss ( Friends) - Long live my all-time favorite TV show. Ross and Rachel forever.

And of course, I wouldn't let you celebrate International Kissing Day without a soundtrack for the occasion! For your enjoyment, I've put together a Spotify playlist of the perfect smooch songs! If you're not yet a Spotify member, it's free!

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These are all my top "kissing" picks - what are yours? Share your all-time favorite screen kiss or songs with me on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak. XOXO!

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