President Obama visits Skyline Chili

CINCINNATI - President Obama made an impromptu stop at the downtown Cincinnati Skyline Chili restaurant Monday before attending a town hall at Music Hall.

The president ordered a four-way with beans and two cheese coneys with mustard at the restaurant located at 7th and Vine streets. No onion, he said: "I'm worried because I have to talk to some people."

And talk to people, he did. The president greeted Skyline diners like young Rylie Guthrie, who was on her way to Washington Park with friends.

"I was so shakey, I thought I was going to pass out," Guthrie said.

The president offered to sign a card for her instead, just in case the sharpie rubbed off the plastic bib.

Overheard from the national media at the time of the stop: How do you spell "coney"?

Obama also solicited orders from several in his entourage, including at least one member of the media.

Deauzya Richards and her family were in town from Houston, Texas, for an AAU Basketball tournament. Little did they know today was the day they'd be talking 'ball with the President.

"You got a little game?" asked the president.

Richards is hoping that luck will carry on into her basketball tournament.

"I was really excited and I couldn't express my feelings," Richards said.

Obama talked to some other kids, asking what grade they were in. He also chatted with employees.

Skyline Manager Clara Morgan said she got word Monday morning that the President was craving some Skyline, and now, she'll always know the 44th President of the United States' order.

"The president himself, he ordered a 4-way bean, two cheese coneys," Morgan said.

He almost walked past a table of men in business suits and then came back to them.

"They looked like Secret Service," the president joked. They were workers from Fifth Third Bank.

He came to a patron eating alone, who the White House reports asked if he should stand up.

"Take a load off. You're on your lunch break," President Obama said.

He also stopped at a table with two Messer construction employees, including one named Danielle.

At another table he approached a male diner and said, "We're going to have a good debate. That's how democracy works."

President Obama emerged from the restaurant at exactly noon Monday and shook hands with some people behind police tape.

But for the folks on the inside, who were just getting their usual Skyline fix, it's a day they'll never forget.

"It's the best day of my life!" shouted Guthrie.

The president was in town for a town hall event at Cincinnati Music Hall. For information about what Obama said during the town hall event, go to

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