Police: Two women get past security at Withrow High School; one assaults student

CINCINNATI - The mother of an assault victim is threatening to sue a local school after two women got past security and allegedly harmed her daughter Thursday.

Police arrested 31-year-old Precious Allen and 28-year-old Dawn Brunner at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday after the pair purposely passed the security system at Withrow High School, 2488 Madison Road and entered a classroom. Once inside the room, Allen punched and kicked a female student in the face and body causing visible injuries, according to a police report.

Allen's daughter, also a student at Withrow High School, joined in on the assault, sticking the victim in the face with a lock while Allen held the victim to the ground, according to the report. The name of Allen's daughter has not been released because of her age. The juvenile's charges have not been released either.

The mother of the victim spoke with 9 On Your Side reporter Scott Wegener on Friday and explained her anger at the lapse in security at the school.

"She could have had a gun. My daughter could be dead right now," the victims mother said. She is considering a lawsuit against the school district.

"How could people enter the building and go straight to her classroom and no one knows?" she continued.

The crime has added significance as schools around the country re-evaluate their security measures after a gunman managed to enter a locked Sandy Hook Elementary School and go on a shooting rampage that killed 20 students and six educators.

Allen and Brunner got through the secure entrance at the front door of Withrow High School because they grabbed the door as a student walked out, said Cincinnati Public Schools spokesperson Janet Walsh. A security guard was not manning the entrance at the time, she added.

Prior to the two women entering the school, security turned them away when they attempted to enter the school through a back door, Walsh said.

"Every precaution is really practiced, well defined. We have a police officer connected to the school. We have eight security procedures and we follow them...we try," said Walsh.

Allen was charged with aggravated trespassing and felonious assault. During a Friday morning hearing, a judge set Allen's bond at $26,000.

Brunner, who was charged with criminal trespassing, is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 15.

Officials have not released any additional details at this time. Calls to Withrow High School have not yet been returned.

9 On Your Side's Scott Wegener contributed to the report. Contact him at SWegener@wcpo.com.

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