Police arrest suspect in police chase that killed Sgt. Dulle

TURTLECREEK TWP., Ohio - Police arrested 22-year-old Marcus Anothony Isreal of Middletown in the death of Sgt. Brian Dulle, 36, who was killed while trying to throw down stop sticks to stop a suspect that was fleeing from police in a high speed chase.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department announced this information in a press conference held at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say Isreal was walking around streets not far from where the crime scene eneded. He was interviewed all day Tuesday by authorities.

Police will not say if the car was stolen or why the suspect was trying to run from them. Police are reviewing the cruiser tape.

Isreal faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and failure to comply. The maximum sentence for these charges is 15 years.

Warren County prosecutor David Thornshell says that these are the most severe charges they could give him based on the facts they have right now of the case.

It  was thought that there was possibly a second person in the car, but based on information Israel gave police, they do not believe a second person was involved.

Isreal's step-grandmother Wilma Johnson-Blevins told 9 News that her daughter Carla Conyar adopted Isreal and raised him in Dayton. Johnson-Blevins says Conyar and Isreal moved to Middletown 10 years ago.

9 News attempted to contact Conyar, but she was unable to comment on the story.

Johnson-Blevins says she was shocked to hear the news.

"I'm just wondering did he really do it?" Johnson-Blevins said.  "[It] just doesn't seem like he would do something like this."

Johnson-Blevins says she's aware of the family members that Sgt. Dulle leaves behind, and she sends them her prayers.

"I heard he had three small kids," Johnson-Blevins said.  "It's just awful."

Isreal is expect be arraigned in court on Thursday.

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