Police arrest armed suspect involved in a Winton Hills shooting

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati police say 21-year-old Christopher Williams is now at the Hamilton County Justice Center after being arrested on a murder charge in connection with a Winton Hills shooting that left another man dead Saturday.

Police announced Williams was in custody just after midnight Monday morning.

Starting Sunday afternoon, Cincinnati police released Williams' name as a prime suspect and warned that he was being considered armed and dangerous.

The shooting happened around 4:15 p.m. Saturday in the 5000 block of Winneste Avenue, with families on their porches nearby and children playing on the street and on lawns.

Investigators say Damarco Thompson, 19, was shot in the stomach and taken to University Hospital where he later died.

Cincinnati police increased patrols in and around Winton Hills over the weekend as investigators identified a prime suspect in the homicide.
After what residents on Winneste Avenue saw Saturday afternoon, even finding the suspect is not enough to calm their fears.

"It's scary living out here. You got to watch your kids safely," said Donnish Lindsey.

Lindsey, a mother of three, lives just across the street from where the deadly shooting happened Saturday.

"We're out here playing right here and getting wet. All the kids out here playing and having a good time. Then we heard two shots and then followed by like four more. Then I just seen everybody running and scattering. I told my kids to run in and run inside the house. Then I came back out, after hearing shots you never know, bullets ain't got eyes," said Lindsey.

Thompson was shot in the neck and the side, and died later at University Hospital.

About 24 hours after the shooting, Lindsey said her block looks much the same as it did Saturday. Dozens of children were playing and trying to stay cool with water rifles.

She and her neighbors say they've immediately seen a sharp increase in police presence here this weekend.

"We've seen cops badly out here. It's usually cops every now and then patrolling around here making sure everything is OK but since yesterday, they have been out here heavy. Really, really heavy," said Lindsey.

"They need a substation and a fire station right here. They need to patrol this area more often than they do," said one of Lindsey's neighbors, Tonya Teasley.

Lindsey says until she sees crime go down, she's keeping her children closer.

"It strongly does because if I walk inside my house, you never know what is going to happen. And my kids are 4, 3 and 2. So this is definitely like, 'Stay here in front of the house.' It's crazy you have to stay in front of the house and you can't go nowhere else," said Lindsey.

Thompson is the city's 18th homicide this year. Last May, Cincinnati had already counted 28 homicides for that year.

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