Plans for Interstate 71 interchane in Warren County revealed

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio - If you've ever driven through the intersection of Fields Ertel and Mason-Montgomery roads at Interstate 71, you know how backed up it can get.

Engineers in Warren County want to create more separation between the exit ramps on northbound 71. The plan also calls for building an additional off ramp that will cross over Fields Ertel and Mason-Montgomery roads, and then loop around through the Park-and-Ride on Field Ertel.

Neil Tunison, an engineer involved with the project, described some of the problems with the interchange.

"The interchange is rather awkward," Tunison said. "A typical diamond interchange has two intersections, this one has five."

People in Warren County had a chance to see what the future holds for the area at a meeting Thursday evening.

You can see more images and hear additional details by watching the video in the media player above.

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