Picture this: Local junior high student is Ohio finalist in Doodle 4 Google contest

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP - If you ask Clynn Yeoh about her best day ever her entire face lights up before she answers.

"It's my first time I came to the United States," she says without hesitation. "It's kind of like my dream come true."

Another one of the Kings Junior High School seventh grader's dreams may be about to come true, too.

Yeoh is one of 50 students across the country who snatched a chance at online fame by winning the first round of the Doodle 4 Google contest. Her entry to earn a place at the top of the search engine's homepage is a rendering of "My Best Day Ever…." incorporating the Google logo with her arrival in Los Angeles from Malaysia.

Google Doodles are quirky, interactive displays that sometimes appear at Google.com. They've been around for six years and have taken on 1,500 forms.

Kings art teacher Jan Thomann assigned the Doodle 4 Google competition as a project in her classes. She was hopeful, but did not expect any of her students to win.

"I think it's an awesome opportunity for them to express their creativity," Thomann said. "And it's kind of like the anti-coloring book, where you just give them an idea and they just run with it."

More than 130,000 students applied to the contest, but Yeoh's colorful, patriotic design stood out. Each state has a winner.

Kings Junior High School celebrated Yeoh's win in style on May 1, at an assembly in Yeoh's honor. With her best friend Addie Collins at her side, Yeoh revealed the design to her peers.

The celebration included live music and Google representatives Diane Ratto and Aly Makishima explaining what happens next with Yeoh's design. She travels to New York City with her family and the other finalists in the coming weeks, Ratto and Makishima explained.

If she wins, she could have her Doodle displayed on Google's homepage on May 23. The prize includes a $35,000 college scholarship for the winner and a technology grant of $50,000 for the winner's school.

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