Ohio Lottery host Karen Kawolics almost faints live on the air

Ohio Lottery host Karen Kawolics almost fainted live on the air Tuesday night.

Kawolics was finishing up reading the Pick 5 numbers just after 7:30 p.m. on 9 On Your Side when she appeared to lose her concentration and balance. A man came from off-camera to assist her off the set as the lottery segment faded to black.

Kawolics tweeted later that she is getting over the flu, and did almost faint.

Kawolics says she's fine now.

You can watch Kawolics' close call in the video above or at http://goo.gl/2AVSu.

The winning numbers for April 2 are as follows:

Pick 3: 917
Pick 4: 8588
Pick 5: 55600

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