NKU: Eaton fired for 'intimate' contact with 4 employees, student

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. - Northern Kentucky University revealed Friday that it fired Scott Eaton as director of intercollegiate athletics for having "intimate, inappropriate relationships" with four university employees, including two he supervised.

Also, the letter stated Eaton had a similar relationship with a student in a class he taught.

The letter, written by NKU President Geoffrey Mearns, said the university is using a law firm and an accounting firm to investigate "Eaton's management of our Athletic Department."

"During the investigation conducted by our outside counsel, Dinsmore & Shohl, Dr. Eaton admitted that he had inappropriate, intimate relationships with four university employees, including two women whom he supervised," the letter stated. "Three of those women are no longer employed by the university."

It added, "Dr. Eaton also admitted that he had an inappropriate, intimate relationship with a student in a class in which he was the instructor."

The letter stated Eaton failed to disclose the relationships prior to the investigation.

"This pattern of misconduct, which he acknowledged, constitutes a violation of our Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct," Mearns wrote.

Eaton was fired March 18 for violating NKU's Code of Conduct, but no other details were released at the time.

Mearns said an investigation into his decision began March 8, when he became aware of a pattern of possible misconduct. On March 11, additional information was received and outside counsel was hired the following day to conduct an independent investigation.
Eaton helped to lead the NKU athletic program into the Division I Atlantic Conference in July of last year. Eaton assumed the role of athletic director on July 27, 2009.




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