New social media platform lets Tri-State neighbors connect online and in real life

CINCINNATI - Mindi Rich wanted to connect with her Clifton neighbors, but wasn't exactly sure how to go about it.

A friend suggested a social network called to Rich, after seeing it take root in Mariemont.

"She was talking about how Nextdoor was really successful in her community, so I went online to see if we had a Nextdoor site for our community and we did not," Rich said.

Rich logged on, typed in her zip code and got started.

"Mostly I thought it would be a great idea just to know the neighbors and to be able to notify each other of crime, or anything that's happening in the neighborhood," she explained. "You can tell people if there's a farmers market or any other goings-on that you want to get more people to participate in."

A cycling group and a book club are among the features that have attracted Clifton neighbors to Nextdoor.

"I think that an important thing to do is to put posts on the site that will be of interest to other people," Rich said. "One of the things that we've found is people want to give referrals or recommendations whether it's a landscaper, house cleaner or painter. "


Nextdoor is a social network that was created to help neighbors connect about what's going on where they live.

Right now more than 50 Tri-State neighborhoods are a part of the service.

"People use it for a variety of different things, for example posting a photo of someone who lost their dog for the whole neighborhood to see," said Jennifer Harding, communications manager with Nextdoor.

Nextdoor launched as an online social network two years ago and has sites for 15,000 neighborhoods around the country. A smartphone app for the service launched last month. 

"Our co-founder says ‘Your neighborhood is your home. Why wouldn't you want to be connected to it,'" Harding explained.

In February, announced it has raised $21.6 million funding. Speaking to, CEO and founder Nirav Tolia said the new funding would be used to expand Nextdoor's footprint "in terms of both product offerings and geographies." 

Getting started

Joining Nextdoor is simple for anyone with a smartphone or internet connection, Harding said.

"Go to and put in your address," she explained. "If there is a website already created for your neighborhood you can join that existing neighborhood. If your neighborhood does not yet have a Nextdoor website it will prompt you to start one. All members must verify their address in order to join."

Nextdoor places you in a neighborhood based on your address, meaning that sites don't overlap. You can also get your registration code immediately if you provide a credit card number to the service.

"They're all location-based, we'll never have a neighborhood overlap," Harding said.

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