Newport on the Levee, Banks see future growth

CINCINNATI - With Newport on the Levee's announcement of a big expansion at the International Council of Shopping Center's annual Global Retail Real Estate Construction convention in Las Vegas this week, a greater level of buzz is surrounding both sides of the river.

Levee spokesperson, Christy Gloyd, confirmed the entertainment destination is looking at a possible hotel or apartment expansion and the possibility of a digital attraction to replace the old Imax building that closed in 2003.

"We've signed a confidentiality agreement, so everybody will have to just wait and see," Gloyd said.

Not to be outdone, Libby Korosec of the Banks in Cincinnati emphasized Phase Two of the Cincinnati project that is under way.

"We'll start building out, hopefully more apartments because we know those are in demand, and some more retail."

Neither side wants to call their growth competition, but both the Levee and Banks continue to hope to attract new retail, residents, and development.

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