National Ice Cream Day: Local ice cream shop makes list of memorable places

CINCINNATI - It's summer. It's hot. Luckily, Sunday is National Ice Cream Day.

In honor of the day, declared a holiday by proclamation honoring the popularity of ice cream in July 1984 by President Ronald Regan, PBS Food asked some friends to share their favorite summertime ice cream hot (or would that be cold?) spots.

Some of the most memorable come from Buxton, North Carolina to Berkley, Michigan. And guess who else is on the list?

Answer: The United Dairy Farmers located at 11620 Springfield Pike, submitted by Taryn Stewart, the homepage and newsletter editor for PBS Digital.

"It is there that I learned that there is absolutely nothing in the world hot fudge can't fix!" wrote Stewart in her submission.

To read more about Stewart's memories of UDF (and plan for a future ice cream parlor road trip) visit the PBS Food blog here:

And if that's not enough ice cream love, don't forget to read about Graeter's new flavors just in time for National Ice Cream Day. Read about those flavors here:

Tell us where is your favorite local place to grab a cone full of your favorite ice cream?

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