Movie may focus on local youth team

MAINEVILLE, Ohio - A local youth team is one step toward becoming the focus of aHollywood movie.

The Kings Firecrackers jump rope team is known for it's dynamicperformances close to home and around the country. The team of 4ththrough 8th graders has been featured in the Macy's ThanksgivingDay Parade and on The David Letterman Show.

A movie producer and film company are talking about creating afilm about the Firecrackers. The film would tell the story of theFirecrackers competitions and how the team started.

The coach is Physical Education teacher Lynn Kelley. She startedthe team and developed it into what it is today.

The Kings School Board voted Tuesday night to approve a contractwith the production company. If the move is made the district wouldreceive $25,000, 1 percent of all box office and video sales and 2percent of all merchandising sales.

The district has been working with the production company forabout 18 months.

School administrators said the movie would have to hit HighSchool Musical success to bring in big bucks for the district. Theyalso said this is only the first step in the process. A company hasto agree to make the movie and then it has to be a success to makea financial impact.

9 News was told the movie would likely feature actors, not thestudents who are currently on the team.

We will be at Wednesday's Firecrackers practice and will havemore from the coach and the team members on 9 News beginning at 5p.m.

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