Loveland suing Hamilton County, Cincinnati and Metropolitan Sewer District over sewer services

LOVELAND, Ohio -- The city of Loveland filed a lawsuit Friday against Hamilton County, the city of Cincinnati and the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) over issues regarding sewer services.

Loveland Mayor Rob Weisgerber alleges the MSD has breached a 1985 agreement between Loveland and Hamilton County by refusing to offer sewer services to property inside the city's limits.

Weisgerber said he received a letter denying sewer taps to phase three of the White Pillars development from MSD on May 29, even though phases one and two had already been "sewered" and White Pillars has been inside city limits since 1996.

Loveland is asking the court to interpret the 1985 agreement and make MSD provide sewer services.

"We are continuing to monitor MSD's actions in the pursuit of protecting our residents' interests," Weisgerber said. "MSD is grossly and unnecessarily overcharging our residents for sewer services. Now MSD has the audacity to not fulfill their contractual obligations while operating the city's sewer facility."

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