Lawyer representing Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleader and former teacher is speaking out

CINCINNATI - The lawyer representing Ben-Gals cheerleader and former teacher Sara Jones is speaking out about the allegations she had inappropriate relations with a student.

Eric Deters said on his radio show Friday morning that two investigations are under way.

Jones resigned from her position at Dixie Heights High School on Nov. 30.

Deters told 9 News the first investigation being conducted by Education Professional Standards Board is routine for these types of allegations. Additionally, Kenton County Attorney Rob Sanders asked for a special prosecutor due to a conflict of nature.

"Sarah denies it completely and apparently the quote, un quote ‘victim' denies it and is not cooperating… and his parents are upset Sarah is having to go through this which is not usually the case in these situations," said Deters. He believes that without the victim's support, Jones will not be prosecuted.

The allegations about Jones appeared on the website, after a photo of her and Bengals kicker Shayne Graham appeared on the site. The site encourages anonymous tipsters to submit pictures and stories about their friends, family and "frenemies", a term used for someone who is both a friend and enemy. From there hundreds of comments were posted about Jones that she considered hurtful.

In 2010, Jones sued website for defamation of character. A federal judge in Kentucky awarded Jones an $11 million default judgment for defamation, but litigation continues in the case, and whether the website's owner, Nik Richie, will ever have to pay is unclear.

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