La Salle High School student who was late to school reflects on chaos

CINCINNATI - A La Salle High School senior woke up late Monday morning, missing the shooting incident completely.

"I just heard that someone in the school brought a gun," Jon Norman said.

PHOTOS: Worried parents rush to school:

Norman, joined by hundreds of parents, rushed to the school grounds to make sure his classmates were safe.

"I just hope everyone's alright and gets through this," he said.

School administrators said they got the word out as soon as possible.

"We want to take care of the situation, make sure they are safe," La Salle Director of Community Development Greg Tankersley said. "So about 35 minutes after that, an email went out from Principal Luebbe to an email to our parents, basically explained what's happened. So we've been ongoing in that communication as fast as we can."

By the time the school email was sent to parents, most families were already alerted through cell phones or social media.

Kristen Wagner got a text from her son Mathew from inside the school gym.

"He said we're in lockdown," Wagner said. "And I said, ‘for what?' He's like, ‘I don't know, there's cops everywhere.'"

That news came as a great relief to Wagner, knowing her son was safe.

"You just think of all the other school shootings that have happened, and what's going to happen," Wagner said. "But it sounds like it got, you know they were on it right away."

9 On Your Side reporter Scott Wegener contributed to this report.

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