Jury may see key video of man blinking during trial on Tuesday

CINCINNATI - Prosecutors in a Cincinnati murder trial hinging on a dying man's communication through eye blinks are preparing to show jurors video of the paralyzed man blinking.

Testimony resumed Tuesday morning. It was halted Monday so Judge Beth Myers could consider arguments about planned upcoming testimony in the trial of Ricardo Woods.

He is accused of shooting 35-year-old David Chandler in 2010, leaving Chandler paralyzed from the neck down.

Police say Chandler was able to blink his eyes to identify a photo of Woods as the man who shot him about two weeks before his death.

Woods' defense has tried unsuccessfully to keep the videotape of the police interview out of the trial, which began last week in Hamilton County Common Pleas court.

During Tuesday's proceedings, an informant who was in prison with Woods said Woods admitted to shooting a man who owed him money from a drug deal. Woods never identified Chandler as that person, the informant said.

The informant testified in order to receive a reduced sentence.

The defense attacked the informant's testimony, saying that he would say anything to get a lighter sentence.

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