Bond revoked for N.Ky. woman accused of killing boyfriend

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. - At Shanya Hubers' preliminary hearing Thursday, both sides knew there would be some explosive testimony.

They weren't disappointed.

Highland Heights police detective Bill Birkenhauer shared frightening details from Hubers' own statement to him as to why she shot her boyfriend, 29-year-old Ryan Poston in the face, before killing him.

"She said that he was vain," Birkenhauer told the court. "She also said that he wanted a nose job, so 'I shot him (in the face).' She said she gave him the nose job that he wanted."

The detective went on to describe what seems to be a very calculated killing: first shooting him in the face from the left side, then walking to his left side and shooting him again in the face.

"What did she do then?" asked the prosecutor.

"She walked around him, the side of the table," Birkenhauer said, "to his left side and shot him more."

Poston was allegedly shot six times; twice to the head, and four bullets in his torso.

"It wasn't a surprise," said defense attorney Wil Zevely. "It was their version. Our version will be different."

Hubers is expected to claim the shooting was done in self defense. That may be hard to do, as Birkenhauer also said there was evidence that Poston had locked himself in the bedroom to get away from her before the shooting started.

"There's evidence that she somehow picked the lock or attempted to pick the lock to get in to the bedroom to start the confrontation up," he said.

Judge Karen Thomas eliminated the $ 5 million bond, insuring Hubers stays in jail until the grand jury makes its determination.

Zevely says there's no question his client is staying put.

"She couldn't make the last bond, so it really doesn't make any difference if it's a million or a billion. She can't make it."

Hubers' parents were in court for the hearing. They didn't have any comment after their daughter was taken away.

The case now goes to the Grand Jury, which will decide if there is enough evidence to take Hubers to trial.

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