I-Team: Sham charity chief extradited back to Ohio

CINCINNATI - The mastermind behind a fake veteran's charity that ran a national operation raking in $100 million is back in Ohio, behind bars.

Federal agents overnight extradited the man known as Bobby Thompson from Portland, Oregon where they had finally caught up with him Tuesday after a national manhunt that took them coast to coast, says Pete Elliott, the head of the U.S. Marshal's task force that conducted the manhunt. "Thompson's" true identity remains a mystery. He's used a series of aliases over the years.

On Thursday, agents in Portland found $1 million in a suitcase in a storage unit "Thompson" had rented.

"Thompson" landed on America's Most Wanted list after disappearing with large amounts of donations. He had run the Ohio headquarters of his national charity out of a drop box in downtown Cincinnati.

Donors thought they were contributing to Navy veterans. Instead, investigators say "Thompson" used the cash for himself and his associates. Our investigation found he contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates including then President George W. Bush, Senator George Voinovich, and then Senator Mike DeWine, now the Ohio Attorney General whose office will prosecute "Thompson."

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