I-Team: Coupon company disappears

LOVELAND, Ohio - Moving vans appeared outside the headquarters of Local Great Coupons Thursday morning.

Sources told the I-Team that the national coupon website was moving out of its offices at 424 Wards Corner in Loveland, but that workers could continue to work from home, selling to small businesses in the 80 cities where the company operated.

By Thursday evening, the website was down as well.

Founder and CEO Scott Bailey did not return an email or a text message to his cellphone when the I-Team asked why the company appeared to be vacating its headquarters.

Meanwhile the I-Team obtained a document labeled "confidential" that explained the company's sales process. Multiple employees confirmed the document was authentic. (View the document http://goo.gl/Z7RAK)

It is a flow chart including steps such as "Create Pain (Fear of Loss)" when instructing telemarketers how to handle potential customers. That step is followed by one labeled "Relieve the Pain" which is achieved by selling the small business an advertising package on the company's website.

Sources told the I-Team that Bailey's decision to close the office was announced at lunchtime on Tuesday, hours after the I-Team broke the story that many former employees had to fight for months to get their paychecks, and that when they got paid, the $40,000/year base salary was reduced to minimum wage.

Read the full investigation www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/i-team-local-coupon-company-offers-discounted-paychecks .

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