Tips to avoid post-Super Bowl dining regret

CINCINNATI - A Super Bowl party isn't complete without a slew of appetizers. If your food intake matches the spirit of the game you may just find yourself regretting the calorie intake come Monday. 

Wellness expert Mary Beth Knight has some tips to help us cut back on the calories without missing the fun of the super snacks.

Think small!  "Mini" is the way to go with your favorite football foods and drinks. Whip mini deep-dish pizzas using pre-made crust, fresh spinach, pizza sauce and skim mozzarella cheese. Simply cut the crust into small circles, place them into a muffin tin, add sauce, spinach and mozzarella then sprinkle a bit of pizza seasoning and parmesan cheese on top, bake and enjoy your favorite food with out going overboard. If you just have to have your soda, there are options here too!  Remember that carbonated beverages, with or without caffeine, hydrate your body so go ahead and have that Coke or Diet Coke. Look to the mini-can options to keep with your portion control. A Coke mini-can has 90 calories. A Diet Coke mini-can has zero calories.

Think BIG, with low or no-calorie options! Plan on snacking the whole way through the game? Then try this low-calorie version of seven layer dip that is sure to be a fan favorite. Use hummus as your base and then layer shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions on top. Top off the dip with low-fat feta and olive slices arranged on top like a football. Use sweet potato chips or sliced pita bread and bake for a low-calorie and lower sodium chip for your dip. If you build up a big thirst while cheering on your team then remember to have lots of low- or no-calorie options on hand so that you rack up the points, not the calories! While water is always best, sometimes you get bored with it. In those instances I turn to one of my favorite options, Vitamin Water Zero. Here we have two new flavors they just introduced, Power-C (which by the color of it could be a 49er fan's favorite) and Revive (something for Ravens fans to love). In addition to tasting great, they both have a blend of B and C vitamins, as well as minerals and and zero calories. 

Want to save some room for a little dessert that doesn't weigh you down for your favorite touchdown/victory dance? Try chocolate covered strawberries made to look like footballs!

The bottom line: You can celebrate the Big Game with food and enjoy some of your favorites without sidelining your health.

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