High school juniors may apply for a Careers in Media Minority Internship

Careers in Media (CIM) is an internship program designed to provide hands-on experience to minority high school students with an interest in the media industry.

Its purpose is to:

  • Develop a talented pool of qualified minority individuals from which the local media industry may recruit.
  • Promote various careers in the media industry.
  • Provide leadership development and soft skills training to participants.
  • Give minority high school students an opportunity to learn from experienced industry professionals.

This unpaid internship begins the summer after a student's high school junior year. Students participate for one summer, interning for 15 hours per week for a minimum of four weeks at one media site.

Possible internship sites include commercial television, cable television, government access television, radio, newspaper journalism, website development, public relations and graphic design.

Interns must also complete a summer project that gives them an opportunity to delve deeper into various aspects of media.

Past summer projects have included:

  • Writing a paper on "Stereotypes in Media" and monitoring local news stations for use of stereotypes in language and/or video.
  • Getting active in a local cause or organization and writing a letter to the editor of a local or regional newspaper. (Extra credit if the letter is published.)
  • Volunteering to write or produce a PSA for a nonprofit organization's event or campaign.
  • Producing a mini-documentary on a centenarian living in Cincinnati.

Application deadline is March 31.


C AREERS I N M EDIA – Minority High School Internship Program Application 

Applicants must also include a letter of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor or other non-relative.  An official transcript or recent report card is also required.  Application deadline is March 31.



1.  Legal Name: _____________________________________________________________________

                                Last                                                          First                                               Middle Initial

2.  Gender (circle one):     Male        Female                                       3.  Date of Birth:   _____/_____/_____


4.  Ethnicity:     African-American/Black        Hispanic/Latino(a)    Native American

 Asian American                    Other__________________________


5.  Citizenship Status:         U.S. Citizen         Permanent Resident     F1 Visa # ______________


6. Permanent/Home Address:__________________________________________________________

                                                    Street #                Street Name                                                             Apt. #


City                                                               State                                   Zip                           County


7. Phone (_____) ______-__________ Cell (_____) ______-__________   8.  E-Mail _____________________



Applicants Must Complete Their Junior Year of High School Or Equivalent Before July 1.


9. Career Interest/Major: _________________________________ Interest /Skills in Spanish: ________


  1. High School Name: ___________________________________     High School GPA: ___________

High School Address: ______________________________________________    Zip: _____________


Principal Name: ______________________________________    Phone: _______________________


  1. Community Service Activities (please list): _____________________________________________




12. Careers In Media Interest Ares: Rank in order of preference (1-5) your interest in media.


___ Television  ___ Social Media  ___ Newspaper  ___ PR/Advertising ___ Website ___Other ___________


Are you available to attend a workshop at Ohio University June 20-22, 2013?       ___ Yes  ___No



13. Why do you want to explore the media field?  (Please attach an essay, typed on 8 ½ " x 11" paper, 1 inch margins and no more than 500 words.)


Parent or Guardian Name: ______________________________  Work Phone: _______________

(Please print)


Signature of Parent or Guardian: _____________________________________  Date__________

Signature indicates that you give permission for the applicant to participate in the Careers in Media program.



Signature of Applicant: ______________________________________________        







  • Letter of Recommendation


  • Transcript/Report Card


  • Completed Application


  • Applicant Signature


  • Parent Signature


  • Essay



Mona Morrow


1720 Gilbert Ave.

Cincinnati , OH  45202



Application deadline is March 31.


If you have any questions, please contact:    


If you have any questions, please contact:

Mona Morrow
(513) 852-4015
~or go to~
Search: Careers in Media

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