Gun owners react to gun control legislation VP Biden will propose Tuesday

CINCINNATI - On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden will be handing off gun control recommendations to President Barack Obama in light of recent shootings like Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn.

9 On Your Side spoke to gun owners at Target World in Sharonville to get their reaction on the vice president's plan to control guns.

Scott Alexander of Fort Wright, Ky. bought his first gun a month ago.

"With society today, I felt I had to protect myself and my family and friends," he said.

He said he is nervous to see what types of gun control recommendations Biden will pass along to President Obama.

"I'm fearful for our right to bear arms and to protect myself against the criminal who doesn't care," he said.

Target World employee Andrew Wiebold said the government should take a closer look at background checks, and consider submitting mental health records to the background check service.

"It does say on the form if you've ever been mentally deficient, you cannot buy a firearm," Wiebold said.  "Unfortunately, that comes down to the purchaser's honesty."

However, Wiebold believes banning assault weapons would not resolve anything.

"Even if they ban them there are already millions of them out there and they're still accessible to people," he said. "Marijuana has also been banned but that doesn't stop many people from using it."

While everyone who buys a gun has to pass a background check that is not always the case at gun shows. That issue is also expected to come up on Tuesday.


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