Oak Hills teacher is Teacher of the Year

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Marsha Corbitt, first grade teacher at Oak Hill's JF Dulles Elementary in Green Township, is the 3C's Teacher of the Year.

She was honored along with five other educators at Northern Kentucky University Tuesday night. 

The 3C awards are presented by the eight year "Conversations, Connections, Collaborations" partnership, which is led by the presidents of the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University and Northern Kentucky University along with the Cincinnatus Association.

"It is a true honor to receive the award particularly as I am at the end of my 30-year teaching career.  As I reflect on my years as an educator, it must be stated that I would not have achieved this honor without the many people who have helped to develop my skills as a teacher," Corbitt said.

Scott Toon principal at Dulles Elementary nominated Corbitt.

"One way you could look at it as a career award.  She's worked thirty, plus, years and done many outstanding things but when you look at the criteria of the award itself it looks for innovation, creativity, collaboration and to this day that's exactly what Mrs. Corbitt does," said Toon.

First grader Olivia Stamper agrees with those honoring her teacher.

"She's really nice and she always let's us hug her," said Stamper.

Corbitt argues one of the keys to a teacher's success is keeping "the knife sharp."

"There's been a lot of research, better ways to approach kids, better ways to teach children and a lot of research has going into that and that's made a huge difference," said Corbitt.

The awards recognize the excellence of area teachers who demonstrate exceptional knowledge of their subject material, who foster student success both in and out of the classroom who actively participate in their school communities beyond their teaching duties.

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