Former St. Rita School employee charged with sexual imposition

CINCINNATI - Sitting next to his mother, a senior at St. Rita School for the Deaf signs a story even she had not heard.

"Josh grabbed me, started touching on me, " the young man said through an interpreter.

He says he fought the advances of a 24-year-old resident advisor for the school, Joshua Bort, to no avail.

 "He got mad," the teen signed. "He kept touching me and touching me. He said, 'You like it.'"

We aren't naming the teen because it's our policy not to identify alleged victims of sexual crimes. His mother says he was 17 when the abuse happened.

The student says he and Bort had just gotten back from a league basketball game with the Kentucky School for the Deaf, and Bort took the teen's clothes to the laundry.

Bort allegedly plied the teen with pot and alcohol. Then the touching began.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor has charged Bort with one felony and three misdemeanor counts of sexual imposition.

Bort's attorney, Michael O'Connor says his client is not denying involvement.

A spokesperson for the school said in a statement:

St. Rita School for the Deaf requires all employees and volunteers who work directly with children to go through a background check which includes fingerprinting.  All employees and volunteers also attend a session on child protection that is conducted through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. 

Joshua Bort who worked as a resident advisor during the 2011-2012 school year and was immediately dismissed from his position as resident advisor at St. Rita School for the Deaf when the student shared information with the school counselor regarding the incident. 

St. Rita School for the Deaf followed proper channels in reporting the incident including contacting the local authorities and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  St. Rita School for the Deaf believes all children have the right to be educated in a safe environment and the school thrives to make that happen for all children by providing training and support in areas of abuse to teachers and staff.

The teen's mother says her son is being unfairly punished by the school. She says he was removed from the basketball team and other extra curricular activities because of the pot smoking.

"The only reason he did that was because their employee gave it to him," she said.

Drug charges are not listed in the indictment against Bort.

The mother wants to make sure what allegedly happened to her son doesn't happen to anyone else.

"This man will never work with children again. I promise you that," she said.

"I don't want to see him do it anymore," said the teen. "It's mean."

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