Facebook fans sound off on Elmwood Place camera ruling

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio - Fans took to WCPO 9 On Your Side's Facebook page Thursday after a Hamilton County Judge ruled Elmwood Place's controversial speed cameras both unenforceable and in violation of driver's due process.

Some questioned what would happen with fines, while others wondered what would happen in cities with similar style cameras. Others said drivers people shouldn't speed in the first place.

WCPO 9 On Your Side gathered some of the comments posted on Facebook and chose nine to be featured as Facebook fans sound off on the judge's ruling:

Jeremy Lambertson: Great! Maybe New Miami will get rid of there's next!

Steve Binkley: Now lets get them moved in Hamilton

Joan Beeber Doyle: Wonder if this ruling will have any impact on the cameras Lincoln Heights just installed?

Kimmy Taylor: I don't live there but have been following this story. What gets me is....if you don't speed, you should have nothing to worry about!! You should be thankful that they came up with a way to bring in needed funds!

Mark Hausterman: Pretty pathetic the town needed to make $$$$$ off people and they can't even drive down the street! Wow talk about being controlled by Republicans!

David Moster: Regardless of whether people should speed or not, speed cameras and the way they use them, they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. if you got a ticket in the mail that you coudl dispute in court, that woudl be one thing. These, you dont get that, you get a FINE in the mail, no due process, no chance to face your accuser, no chance to claim not guilty, nothing.

Lisa Baker Schoenberger: For those who say if you don't speed you shouldn't worry: Some people were "clocked" at 25 (the speed limit!) and received a ticket! So it doesn't really matter if you speed or not apparently. I've avoided Elmwood Place since the install and am now avoiding Lincoln Heights as well. I know those communities are hurting financially but gouging the public in this way is not acceptable.

Jeff Doering: anyone who says 'well, if you don't speed, then you don't have a problem'... go and READ the decision. Its only 4 pages and written in pretty plain terms (you don't need to be a lawyer to read it). Due process is pretty much a fundamental of our legal system. Its the right decision.

Tim Thomas: refund please? now they will say they don't have the million dollars they already illegally took. I still say don't speed and you won't get a ticket. They should of addressed the speed limits rather than cameras. If everyone is going over the speed limit, maybe the limit is to low?



John Keith: My ticket was issued feb 19, I rec'd the ticket in the mail march 2, I mailed out the payment same day the judge ruled on this. Should I cancel the check or will the village of Elmwood place send it back uncashed?

Bobby Campbell: Cancel it. They won't send it back. Unless it was in the ruling I would assume any tickets issued before the ruling would still have to be paid.

Deborah Mcghee: Once the cameras went up and I heard about the tickets I try not to drive near

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