Elmwood Place robo-camera debate continues with hearing on driver rights

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio - Elmwood Place drivers have been furious over robo-cameras that are giving out citations for speeding, and now, months after the initial tickets, a local attorney is bringing the issue back to the spotlight.

The robo-camera debate in Elmwood Place rages on as the courts prepare to review the preliminary injunction and restraining order from attorney Mike Allen.

Allen alleges the ordinance in Elmwood Place that states the owner of a vehicle is liable for the penalty for speeding is illegal in Ohio. 

Wednesday afternoon a judge is set to review the claims and then Allen has scheduled a conference to talk about the preliminary injunction.

The issue of these robo-cameras surfaced in early October when 9 On Your Side first got your complaints about speeding citations for $105. In mid-December, more than 300 citations were thrown out by the Mayor's Court because of a glitch in the computer system that manages the data from the cameras.


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