Billboard causing buzz

DELHI, OHIO - Race and abortion, two very volatile issues, now mixed onbillboards for thousands of tri-state drivers to see everyday.

As drivers make their way up Delhi Pike, the Cincinnatiorganization, Protecting Black Life, put up a billboard saying“Abortion the #1 Killer of African Americans.”

Protecting Black Life's website, said the organization isoperating under the Life Issues Institute and is reaching the blackcommunity with the pro-life message.

Residents say there's been a lot of buzz surrounding thebillboard.

"They're saying that you know, number one killer for AfricanAmericans when Delhi is 90 percent white. So I don't understand whythe sign is there. It just doesn't make any sense to me," saidDelhi resident Ray McMullen.

"African Americans will be totally shocked that thisbillboard number one was placed in this environment, in Delhi. Andnumber two that again it puts another strike on the AfricanAmerican culture," said Cincinnati resident Jonathan Cody. also said the billboards were placed inCincinnati's highest abortion communities.

Regarding the statement, “Abortion the #1 Killer ofAfrican Americans” organizers source the U.S. Center forDisease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute stated ,“Since 1973 more African American babies have been killed byabortion than the total number of African American deaths from allother causes combined.”

Whether you agree or disagree, the billboard is stirring up someserious conversation.

"I had an abortion when I was little. I was made to have one.And I think it's wrong because it's not just black people, it'sblack people and white people. It's everybody," said Delhi residentTiffany Daniels.

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